Note: There hasn’t been an official release on this league by both FA’s, KBVB and KNVB. So things might change. 

 A look at the new league in Belgium and the Netherlands

Next season will be a great year for women’s football in Belgium and The Netherlands. With the start of the BeNe League, the 2 countries want to develop women’s football to get to a higher level. 

What will it look like?

The season starts in September, Belgium clubs will play a whole 16 games, home and away games in Belgium until the winter kicks in. Same thing happens in The Netherlands. With a bit different story because there are 9 clubs playing in the Eredivisie next season.

After winterbreak the 2 leagues will split up:

Group A: 1-4 Belgium and Netherlands 1-4

Group B: 5-8 Belgium and Netherlands 5-9(not confirmed of the 9th club)

These 2 groups will play 16 games again. Group A will be an interesting group because there will be a winner of the Women’s BeNe League but there also will be 2 clubs who get a ticket for the Champions league. The highest ranked Belgian and Dutch team will be playing Champions League.

The schedule will be released probably around August.

So which teams will be playing in this league?


A couple of weeks ago a few big names came up in the Dutch newspapers who wanted to join the Eredivisie by the names of AJAX and PSV. Great news of course, 2 of the biggest clubs of the country with great history want to join. So those are 2 new names. PSV will be working together with FC Eindhoven, that makes them PSV/FCE. Along with these 2 huge clubs, all the 7 Eredivisie team will be back next year. Champion ADO Den Haag, FC Twente, VVV Venlo, FC Utrecht, SC Heerenveen, FC Zwolle and Telstar.

Allthough it will be a bit different, first SC Heerenveen will no longer be with the club, but will be playing with their license. Makes sense? 

Second, FC Zwolle changed their name back to PEC Zwolle (If you’re interested in a bit of club history, look it up).

So that makes 9 clubs playing in the Eredivisie next season. There was actually a tenth club, FC Den Bosch. Sadly, the KNVB didn’t give them the approval to play in the Eredivisie. Not a great move by the Dutch FA, because FC Den Bosch had a great organization, actually already signing players, even international players but the big names of AJAX and PSV made the difference.

UPDATE 13/06: VVV will no longer be a part of the Eredivisie.

ADO Den Haag, FC Twente, VVV Venlo, FC Utrecht, SC Heerenveen, FC Zwolle, Telstar, AJAX and PSV/FCE.


RSC Anderlecht, Beerschot AD, Club Brugge, OH Leuven, WD Lierse SLK, Standard Femina de Liège, STVV St. Truiden and SV Zulte Waregem.

So that makes it a total of 16 clubs!!

This new league will be kicked off with the BeNe Super Cup. Just like last year both champions will play a game against each other, in this case Standard Femina de Liège and ADO Den Haag. The game will be played on August 14th.

If you are also interested in transfers, especially now because things get ugly, I will write a blog about the Dutch transfers tomorrow. And I can tell you there are a lot and very interesting too. I might be a bit biased as an AJAX fan, great things are happening in Amsterdam, people are already saying they will be the Champion next season just by the look of the list of players. More tomorrow!

  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    I remember the release of that book, do you know if it was popular with the readers?

  2. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Agree with you @Håkon

  3. Håkon Mørk 10 years ago

    I pity the players who don’t know what will happen to their club and whether they have to move around…

  4. Author
    Deborah Bakker 10 years ago

    This whole new season is becoming one big joke. I read so many articles the last few days and today and it’s getting crazier and uglier by the hour. It’s just too much to translate and too complicated, sorry guys. We will see where this ends.

    Latest news is a press release by FC Den Bosch who wants VVV Venlo’s spot, because it isn’t fair how they didn’t get a spot before, they already had signed players and even international players!  If they don’t get the spot now they might buy one of the other Eredivisie clubs or go to court with this whole situation!! CRAZY!

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