Women’s Football Should always be about Results on the PITCH

Oxford United Women, Watford FC Ladies, Doncaster Rovers Belles and Sunderland AFC Ladies are Four Great Women’s Football clubs who seems to have been let down by the FA in my view, I wrote about this a couple of years ago. That what happens on the Football pitch does not count in the FA’s Eyes anymore, They had a Dream and their Dream was to have a League with Clubs who had a top Men’s team or a big Team Name. Sorry FA But it should not always be about the MONEY.
This Super League was Designed and formed around a table at the FA a long time ago. The Women’s Game in England had a Football pyramid which for years and years has worked great, Teams go up a League and go down a league it would always depend on what that team did that season on the pitch. But now we have a Big problem the Teams that are by right and should move up a League because of the results on the pitch that season, can Only do so if there meet the FA’s rules to me that is very wrong. Your team could have a great season all the Players, Staff and Fans are so excited that they now can move up a league.

BUT they now can only do so if those teams can meet FA’s New rules? So all the hard work every person at the club have done throughout the whole season was for nothing. Does not seem right to me. I am so Grateful that here in England we have the SSE Women’s FA Cup in WHERE what happens on the pitch decides whether your team will go forward to the next round.
I Love Women’s Football and have tried to help Promote for me the great game of Women’s Football Worldwide for over 10 years. And wish all the Players and Staff from all teams good luck in the new Season in all the New Leagues and Hope the Men’s Teams carry on putting Money into their Women’s Team. I have a dream that one day soon all the Women’s Football Clubs will be able to support themselves without the help from Men’s teams.

But be able to rely on Sponsors, Advertisers and match day gate receipts. And MOST Important for me Should be able to move up a league because of what the team has done on the Football pitch only. And not have their Dreams shattered because of rules now been put in place.





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