Women’s Liga MX promises higher level on its third semester

The Women’s Liga MX tournament begins this Friday with noticeable differences compared to its starting year, it also promises a stronger competition between teams.

Unlike the first two semesters, the league now consists of all 18 teams, one per each club that belongs to the men’s Liga MX. Puebla and Lobos BUAP, who requested not to play the first year (the first due to its financial situation, the second because it had just been promoted to First Division) will make their debut this weekend.

Despite initial interest in having all teams face each other (like the men’s calendar) the two-group format remained, which will cause two teams to rest each weekend.

The league, first won by Chivas and later by Tigres, will also include quarterfinals starting this season, allowing more teams to aspire to the postseason. The best four teams of each group will be ordered from 1 to 8 and play 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 on home and away games.

But perhaps the most important change was that the age restriction was raised from U23 to U24, allowing teams to register up to four players that exceed this limit. This also prevented them from cutting several players who surpassed that age for the second year of the league. Also, unlike the previous two tournaments, all four senior players will be eligible to play in one game, although only two will be allowed on the field at the same time.

So after several modifications to the rule book, women’s Liga MX promises higher performance from the 16 teams that already have a year’s worth of experience, plus the novelty of seeing two new clubs in action.

Photo: Tigres, the league’s current champions, traveled to the US where they won all three preseason games (@TigresFemenil).


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  1. Gina West 4 years ago

    Fantastic article, thank you @adriana-terrazas.

    I’m very excited to follow the third semester of this league, it’s very positive to read about the differences for this season with the introduction of teams and the change to the age restriction.

    The Liga MX Femenil really put the global attention onto the women’s game with their impressive league attendances, I am hoping for more record breaking crowds this season.

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