Women's Soccer City launched to connect everyone involved in women's football and maximize exposure


Women’s Soccer City launched to connect everyone involved in women’s football and maximize exposure

Company launched to solve the problem for players to find clubs, clubs to find players and to give maximum exposure to all women’s football opportunities.

Women’s Soccer City, is excited to announce the launch of www.womenssoccercity.com a directory platform dedicated to all those who have an involvement women and girl’s football around the world.

WSC is simple and easy to use but its powerful listing cards systems have everything you need to display your key information, beautifully! Imagine a place where you can easily search by name, location and category to find football clubs, academies, players, scholarship opportunities, agents, photographers and other female football related businesses.

Women's Soccer City

Women’s Soccer City will solve the problem of missed opportunities in the women’s football world and make it easier for players to find clubs that suit their ambitions both locally and further afield. It also aims to raise the level of awareness of every aspect of the game, bring the whole industry even closer together to better leverage the existing network of women and girl’s football contacts.

WSC gives all those involved in the women’s game the tools to enhance their brand, make new contacts and promote themselves or their business.

Womens Soccer City what's new

Utilise the features to increase exposure about your involvement in the game, contact other members directly through their listings, post club notices and more. All of which can make it easier for those involved to connect, as well as helping to increase the number of participants in female football.

Add your listing to the Women’s Soccer City directory now, by taking advantage of a free trial or benefit from more features at a small fee, and you can share your link to women’s football to the world.

Women’s Soccer City already hosts listings from the UK, USA, Spain, Iran, France, South Africa to name a few and receives 1000s of visits a month. Among our current listings are ICA Sports Football Club; Peterborough’s Arsenal Ladies FA WSL Sister Club, photographer Maya Mans; based in France and is a regular at top French club, Lyon and Cameroon international player, Ada Jacquette who is looking for opportunities to play for a club in Europe.

Women's Soccer City

As well as promoting all listings on Women’s Soccer City to visitors of the site, they aim to increase exposure with regular social media promotion on its platforms as well as with partnerships they will work with, who can help to further spread the word.

No-one should be denied the chance to play football and we hope that Women’s Soccer City will highlight opportunities that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. By exploring the world of women’s football, and all those involved, we can grow the game further.


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