Women’s Soccer and Bets: Pros and Cons

For the last few years women’s soccer has been getting more popular. Many countries hold national women’s soccer championships. Today huge audience not only enjoys watching championships involving women’s teams, but also place bets with bookmakers.

Women started to play soccer in the late 19th century. But for a long time there were only amateurs. In 1917 in England the Munitionettes’ Cup was created. In 1921 first English Ladies’ Football Association Challenge Cup was organized with total of 24 teams participating. Women were determined to play soccer. British ladies demonstrated not just willingness, but also certain level of skills. But a lot of time had to pass before women’s soccer could begin its dynamic development. Today female soccer players are incredibly popular among soccer fans and among those who are betting soccer.

One of the greatest disadvantages of women’s soccer is its high injury risk. The thing is, just a few female players start to train for soccer from a young age. Most of them learn soccer later in their lives or first train for other sports. As a result, their bodies aren’t ready for specific exercises. But that problem can be solved by experienced and professional physical education coaches. These experts can develop optimal set of training drills for sportswomen to quickly adapt to soccer.

Many think that women’s soccer isn’t entertaining. Of course, ladies aren’t as fast as men, but fans and people making bets like the fact that women’s soccer is quite competitive. Moreover, girls are emotional and turn every match into a real story which has certain story line and ending.

Men’s soccer receives much better funding than women’s soccer. This fact negatively affects quality of women’s play, results and coefficients for betting soccer. But there are some positive aspects as well. When money is secondary, players are driven by desire to play and loyalty towards soccer.


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