Juventus women destroyed the Italian women’s mark with an astonishing crowd of 39,027 fans in attendance

Women’s Soccer Seems To Have Reached A Turning Point In 2019

Though the women world cup won’t be taking center stage until June, female soccer is already making headlines on several fronts. That’s not only because of the number of lawsuits seeking equal treatment or the approaching FIFA tournament in France.

Amid the long struggle for acceptance in a male-dominated sport, women soccer traditionally caught the attention of fans in two main events – the Olympics and the world cup. Out of neglect, bias,and indifference, the off years only resonated as a sports bubble. However, with great attention, participation,and resources, the women soccer has reached a turning point,and things are eventually happening.

Let’s take a look at the latest news and events in women soccer.

Last month, the Atletico Madrid women’s team set a world record with an all time high of 60,739 fans in their league match against Barcelona. Just a week later, the Juventus women destroyed the Italian women’s mark with an astonishing crowd of 39,027 fans in attendance. The tickets were free in Turin. These numbers are exceptional in women football, but it shows that the audience is out there especially in traditional soccer countries.

Ahead of the 2019 FIFA women world cup in France, the largest pool of candidates has already stepped forward to host the 2023 tournaments. Australia and Japan appear to be the front runners, while a unified Korean bid is the most intriguing. Other candidates include South Africa, New Zealand, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil,and Bolivia. The winner will be announced in March next year.

For the 2023 tournaments, FIFA announced that natural grass would be mandatory. That won’t be an issue this summer since France chose nine natural fields for the event. It will be the first time the competition has been played in natural fields, unlike the 2015 tournament in Canada where all the venues were on artificial turf. That sparked gender discrimination issues as the men tournament are held on grass only venues, though hybrid fields remain acceptable.

This summer, the Argentine federation is planning to launch a women’s pro league and also create a high-performance center. Just like lucky numbers, Betway’s popular new game, the new league will open more opportunities for women’s football than the current semipro league. Interested clubs will need to sign eight players on a full contract within 60 days. The news comes just weeks after popular men’s club Boca Juniors hosted a women’s game at the Bombonera Stadium.

With an increase in the number of fans and bettors who wager on women football at Betway, the game is also gaining popularity on the dark side. Recently, about 50 PSG supporters were restricted from attending the match at Chelsea in the UEFA Women’s Championship League. The authorities found these fans with weapons on their bus. Additionally, vandalism was reported at the London stadium. That means the women’s game is growing and fans are also following, bringing in a high level of scrutiny.


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