Women’s football or women’s soccer is the alias for women’s association football. Just like men’s soccer, women’s soccer is a team sport, but, in this case, it is played by women only. In recent times, women’s soccer has gained its popularity on an international level. Women’s soccer is now played on a professional level in most countries around the globe. There is a total of 176 national teams that internationally participate in women’s soccer.

Women’s association football has a rich past, which has given birth to significant competitions at all levels, national and international. Despite the launching of these major competitions, women’s soccer has had its many struggles before reaching the independence level; it prides itself on the present date. In 1921, women’s soccer faced a ban from The Football Association. The ban restricted women’s soccer from being played on the grounds of member clubs. This happened despite women’s football attaining its golden age in 1920, but the ban was lifted in 1971. This saw the first women’s soccer event, FIFA Women’s World Cup, being held in China in 1991. Since then, the women’s sport has gained worldwide popularity.

Major women’s soccer tournaments in the world include The UEFA Women’s Champions, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and The Copa Libertadores Femenina. These competitions are played on an international level.


Just like men’s soccer, women’s soccer predictions use the same criteria. In almost every prediction system, chances that each team will emerge victorious, tie or lose are shown. In every tournament, chances of every team’s group position and advancement to the knockout stages are also shown. In-game win probabilities are also incorporated and are updated in real-time.

The best estimate employed in women’s football predictions is the Soccer Power Index. This represents an offensive rating for every team, indicating the number of goals expected to be scored by the team, a defensive rating, average performance on a neutral ground, and the number of goals a team is expected to concede. These statistics produce an SPI rating, which is converted to a percentage of points.

Women’s soccer online betting has been incorporated in major events. But due to the increased number of sponsors in the women’s soccer, advanced soccer standards, and its increased popularity, online betting for major leagues will be possible in the coming days.


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