Weekend Women’s Football Fixtures 19th to 20th July 2014

(All Matches are in British UK Time, All Kick-Off’s at 14:00 Unless Stated)

Saturday 19th July

FA Women’s Super League 1

Bristol Academy 1 – 3 Liverpool

Finland Naisten Liiga

PK-35 2 – 1 Merilappi United

Pallokissat 0 – 3 TPS

Honka 4 – 0 ONS

Åland United 7 – 2 Kokkola F10

Japan’s Nadeshiko League

NTV Beleza 0 – 0 JEF United

Yunogo Belle 1 – 4 Urawa Reds

USA National Women’s Soccer League

Western New York Flash 1 – 1 Kansas City

Sunday 20th July

EAFF East Asian Women’s Cup

Guam V Northern Mariana Islands (08:30)

FA Women’s Super League 1

Chelsea 2 – 1 Manchester City

Everton 1 – 2 Arsenal

Notts County 0 – 1 Birmingham City

Japan’s Nadeshiko League

Iga Kunoichi 0 – 1 Vegalta Sendai

Albirex Niigata 1 – 2 Elfen Sayama

INAC Kobe Leonessa 6 – 0 Kibi Univ

USA National Women’s Soccer League

Portland Thorns V Boston Breakers (22:00)
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  1. Author
    Asa 8 years ago

    FA Womens Super League 1

    Bristol Academy 1 – 3 Liverpool
    Goals From:
    Gemma Davison 21′ (Liverpool)
    Katrin Omarsdottir 41′ (Liverpool)
    Gemma Bonner 58′ (Liverpool)
    Natasha Harding 75′ (Bristol Academy)

    Chelsea 2 – 1 Manchester City
    Goals From:
    Natasha Flint 28′ (Manchester City)
    Katie Chapman 62′ (Chelsea)
    Jackie Groenen 90′ (Chelsea)

    Everton 1 – 2 Arsenal
    Goals From:
    Danielle Carter 83′ (Arsenal)
    Nikita Parris 45+3′ (Everton)
    Alex Scott 84′ (Arsenal)

    Notts County 0 – 1 Birmingham City
    Goals From:
    Josanne Potter 48′ (Birmingham City)

  2. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    Nadeshiko League July 20

    [Week 14]

    Iga Kunoichi 0 – 1 Vegalta Sendai
    Sendai: 51’ Haruka Hamada
    Attendance: 675
    Shots: Iga 8 – 6 Sendai
    Corners: Iga 4 – 3 Sendai

    Albirex Niigata 1 – 2 Elfen Saitama
    Niigata: 64’ Sayaka Oishi
    Saitama: 25’ Rie Azami, 69’ Kaho Takahashi
    Attendance: 1,365
    Shots: Niigata 12 – 9 Saitama
    Corners: Niigata 1 – 2 Saitama

    INAC Kobe 6 – 0 Kibi Univ.
    Kobe: 5’ & 27’ Megumi Takase, 51’ Chiaki Minamiyama, 64’ Own Goal, 80’ Miki Ito, 90+2’ Mai Kyokawa
    Attendance: 3,279
    Shots: Kobe 21 – 5 Kibi
    Corners: Kobe 4 – 0 Kibi

    #1 Urawa: Pts=32, W=10, D=2, L=2, GF=30, GA=10, GD=+20
    #2 Yunogo: Pts=29, W=9, D=2, L=3, GF=27, GA=22, GD=+5
    #3 NTV: Pts=27, W=8, D=3, L=3, GF=28, GA=10, GD=+18
    #4 Kobe: Pts=23, W=7, D=2, L=5, GF=29, GA=14, GD=+15
    #5 Sendai: Pts=23, W=7, D=2, L=5, GF=22, GA=13, GD=+9
    #6 Niigata: Pts=23, W=7, D=2, L=5, GF=23, GA=16, GD=+7
    #7 Chiba: Pts=23, W=7, D=2, L=5, GF=22, GA=18, GD=+4
    #8 Saitama: Pts=10, W=3, D=1, L=10, GF=21, GA=40, GD=–19
    #9 Iga: Pts=9, W=2, D=3, L=9, GF=18, GA=26, GD=–8
    #10 Kibi: Pts=1, W=0, D=1, L=13, GF=10, GA=61, GD=–51

    Three competitors’ matches from now.

    Urawa: NTV, Chiba, Sendai, Kobe
    Yunogo: Sendai, Saitama, Niigata, Kibi
    NTV: Urawa, Kobe, Kibi, Saitama

    Perhaps Urawa will face tougher oppositions than Yunogo and NTV considering Chiba, Sendai and Kobe will fight for a survival into the upper group. By the way, does it matter to finish the first stage as the leader if the championship is decided in the second stage? Yes, because the winner of the first stage is automatically qualified for the Mobcast Cup.

  3. Author
    Asa 8 years ago

    Thank you Ken for the updates

  4. Gina West 8 years ago

    Congratulations Ken, I am pleased you were able to watch your team win and with great style and dedication. It sounds like it was a fantastic atmosphere too.

    Thank you for your report of the game, a great insight into how the match played out. The Reds did well to come from a goal down especially away from home.

    I bet seeing Aya Miyama was a great experience, she is one of the players I absolutely love to watch, but as you say (with all players) you can never really get a true impression of her talent and work rate both on and off the ball unless you actually get to see her live. Her talent for precision passing and reading the game is exceptional! And that’s just from what I have seen from TV coverage.

    I had a similar thought when I saw Louisa Necib, before the game I admired her talent but it wasn’t until actually seeing her live that I really could appreciate the real impact she has on the game.

    NTV Beleza v Urawa will be a brilliant contest, I hope you have another fantastic trip.

  5. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    Nadeshiko League July 19

    [Week 14]

    NTV Beleza 0 – 0 JEF Chiba
    Attendance: 745
    Shots: NTV 14 – 6 Chiba
    Corners: NTV 6 – 0 Chiba

    Yunogo Belle 1 – 4 Urawa Reds
    Yunogo: 4’ Miki Asano
    Urawa: 7’ Own Goal, 56’ & 86’ Kiko Seike, 90+2’ Akane Saito
    Attendance: 2,310
    Shots: Yunogo 13 – 20 Urawa
    Corners: Yunogo 6 – 8 Urawa


    This is the most common chant of the Urawa supporters, originally invented for their men’s team then applied to the ladies as well. Today, these supporters, far outnumbered in a Yunogo’s home stadium, chanted it over and over in the most elated mood.

    The game opened with a shock. Yunogo’s right-winger, Miki Asano, showed her speed, ran into the box, then scored a clean goal. Urawa’s left-back, Naoko Wada, was completely taken by surprise. Thereafter, Naoko (my favorite lady. I use her image downloaded from the Urawa site as wallpaper) worked very, very hard. Her playing style is not very sophisticated in my eyes, but dedicated and hard-working enough to touch hearts. Yunogo Belle (i.e. Aya Miyama) repeated the same plan to score more goals, but Naoko never allowed it any more. The clever Miyama obviously saw it and changed plan in the middle of the game. She sent her super precise passes more to the center as the game went on. It created dangerous occasions for sure, but Yunogo lost its best speeder Asano. (I’m already visualizing the scene Naoko challenges Naho, back in INAC, in the second stage.)

    Urawa’s Kiko Seike scored twice in difficult situation when the Yunogo’s goal was well guarded after she missed much easier chances in earlier minutes. I’m not sure if this player who still belongs to the youth team is qualified to be the rookie of the year by the regulation. (Officially she is not a “rookie” yet.) But Kiko shows a sign to be a great goal-scorer. What style of striker this 17-year-old will grow into is yet to be seen. Maybe Kozue Ando-style diligent runner, or Yuki Ogimi-style robust post player, or (in my hope) Bev Goebel-style controlled kicker. But Urawa’s coaching staff has a great responsibility to train her well and provide a treasure to the national team.

    Of course, I saw Yungo vs. Urawa matches before, but always as a recorded video posted by the Nadeshiko League when I knew the game result. I also saw Aya Miyama’s play live before, but always when she played for the national team. Therefore, today I saw Miyama’s “ongoing” play from “the other side” for the first time and experienced what fear she can cause. Not only a placement kick for which she is renowned globally, but every kick of hers flies to the point easiest for her teammmates and most difficult for the opponents. Still, Urawa guarded their goal well. Perhaps they learned from what they suffered from Kamionobe’s kicks last week.

    Yunogo Belle conceded 4 goals for 2 straight games, first against NTV then Urawa. They also repeated the same pattern of conceding multiple goals in the final minutes of the game. Their performance is heroic this season after they lost so many players. But their squad lacks the depth and their key players have to play full time of every game. Are they fatigued?

    Urawa will play NTV Beleza next week. I have already booked a trip to Tokyo to attend.


    • Mia Mon 8 years ago

      curious, how would you rate Fukumoto’s performance? or is this solely faulted on Yunogo’s back line?

      • Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

        Well, Urawa’s shots count is 20. So Unogo’s backline is to be blamed more than Fukumoto. Actually, their defense is getting porous in the late games. See their shots and their opposition’s in the last 7 games.

        6/7: Saitama 14 – 11 Yunogo (score: Saitama 1 – 4 Yunogo)
        6/15: Niigata 8 – 12 Yunogo (score: Niigata 1 – 1 Yunogo)
        6/21: Chiba 9 – 5 Yunogo (score: Chiba 1 – 3 Yunogo)
        6/29: Iga 15 – 6 Yunogo (score: Iga 1 – 3 Yunogo)
        7/6: Kobe 21 – 8 Yunogo (score: Kobe 1 – 2 Yunogo)
        7/13: NTV 16 – 8 Yunogo (score: NTV 4 – 0 Yunogo)
        7/19: Urawa 20 – 13 Yunogo 9 (score: Urawa 4 – 1 Yunogo)

        As you see, Yunogo Belle was not a team to outshoot opponent even when they were winning. That they could win a match against the more numerous shots means, at least partly, they have a good goal keeper. Fukumoto is Fukumoto, after all, as we saw in the 2012 Olympic most vividly. But even Miho can not guard her net indefinitely while the defenders before her are this loose.

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