The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 is for the Organising Committee (OC), also under economic aspects, an extraordinary success. In the final sessions of the General Committee on Wednesday and the Board of Trustees, which met last Thursday under the chairmanship of DOSB president Thomas Bach in Frankfurt am Main, the preliminary results were presented.

Under the condition that during the final reviews and the audits of the cash flows can still be changes, the OK credited based on the currently anticipated revenue and expenditure situation with a surplus before tax of € 10.6 million.

Some three million Euros are calculated as a percentage of income tax for the German financial authorities. Thus, a net profit of € 7.6 million.

782 000 tickets sold

The revenue of € 50.6 million is currently projected, of which € 23 million direct grants to partner with the six National Supporters and 25 million euros from the sale of a total of 782 000 tickets. Additional 2.6 million euros will be expected to be achieved from other revenue, such as licenses or receipts from the catering kiosk operation.

Due to the overall smooth tournament course and very responsible budget of all departments involved with handling the financial resources expected to OK the spending of about 40 million €. The total budget of the German organizing committee was originally costed at 51 million euros.

“Less spending, higher revenue”

“Increased revenue by selling more tickets with less spending – the formula for success for us this surprising positive results,” says Dr. Theo Zwanziger. “The fact that the games, especially those without German participation, in the end more visitors flocked to the stadiums than we expected, is one of the two main reasons for the great economic success.”

The DFB president continued. “The other is the highly professional and very commendable work of the entire organizing team from OC President Steffi Jones and general coordinator Ulrich Wolter The employees remained almost consistently far below the budget approaches thanks also go to FIFA. which has accommodated us in some areas very much. “

ischarge of public budgets

DFB treasurer, Horst R. Schmidt adds. “The overall result is all the more remarkable, was as the financial risk of the World Cup project exclusively to the German Football Association, the budget for the Women’s World Cup 2011 has been created without any public attention and challenged now. We even lead to a substantial part of the exchequer and thus contribute also to the reduction of public spending. “

For the World Cup surplus currently four general uses are provided: a total of one million euros is to go as a solidarity contribution to the German sport, with 500,000 euros to the German Olympic Sports Federation (DSB), each of 150,000 euros to the German Disabled Sports Association and Special Olympics and 200,000 euros to the German Sports Aid Foundation.

“It is remarkable that the DFB always fulfills its social responsibility and contributes greatly to the family of sport,” said DOSB president Thomas Bach. “I congratulate the DFB to the highly successful organization and implementation of the Women’s World Cup 2011, which was also on the borders of Germany, received a great response and recognition in the world. I am particularly pleased this sign of solidarity by the DFB.”

Thanks to the stadium operator

A further one million euros are earmarked as special bonuses and transitional benefits for the employees of the entire organizing team, whose contracts on 31Expire August 2011. It worked OK in the final phase, including the offices involved and the DFB and fellow colleagues a total of 250 persons.

In addition, 640,000 euros are planned for distribution among the nine stadium operators. World Cup match ever taken place, they will also receive 20,000 euros.“We thank the stadium operators for high organizational effort that has arisen, not least through the utilization of large arenas,” said Zwanziger. “With the stadiums they created the perfect setting for hosting the World Cup games. For these stages is ultimately the spark of enthusiasm into the entire country, was carried into the whole world.”

About five million euros for girls and women’s soccer

This leaves around five million euros to be used specifically for the girls’ and women’s soccer. “The idea is to pour this amount into the development of girls’ and women’s football,” says Hannelore Ratzeburg.

The competent DFB vice-president explained. “On September 1, launches the newly formed DFB Directorate women’s soccer, led by Jones to their first task will be to develop this appropriate projects and campaigns in terms of sustainable development at the grassroots “.


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