Japan’s women’s football team are to receive the National Honour Award from the Japanese government on 18th August 2011 for their success at the women’s World Cup 2011 in Germany.


Nadeshiko Japan’s performance at the recent women’s football tournament brought inspiration to a nation that is facing severe difficulties as a result of the earthquake/tsunami on 11th March. 


Nadeshiko Japan, (nicknamed Nadeshiko after a pink flower seen in Japan as a symbol of beauty), women’s national football team will become the first ever group to be honoured since its establishment in 1977.


Since the women’s World Cup the Japanese women’s football league has broken attendance records and market research firms report of a massive increase of sales of kits.


The award shows what great significance the Japanese women’s football World Cup victory has had on their country. Japan’s women’s World Cup campaign saw them knock-out the holders and host country Germany in the quarter-finals and go on to beat two time winners USA in the Final. Japan’s fair play and never-give-up attitudes won many fans around the World.


Nadeshiko Captain Homare Sawa, who was individually awarded at the World Cup winning the Golden Boot Award commented about the news of receiving the National Honour – “It is a surprise, but also a great honour for us to receive the National Honour Award. If we were able to bring some hope and energy to everyone as Japan slowly reinvigorates itself, that is an added pleasure for us.
“With this prize as an encouragement, we would like to move on to produce good results in the upcoming Olympic qualifiers and the Olympic tournament.”


The award presentation is scheduled to take place at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Tokyo on 18th August 2011.


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  1. gromit 10 years ago

    Well well… French playing faded away with too much inaccuraties.

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