Saint Louis Athletica midfielder Daniela suffered a fractured tibia and damage to two knee ligaments after a collision with Washington Freedom forward Abby Wambach during Sunday night’s game. The extent of the recovery has yet to be determined, but was described by the team physician as “lengthy.” This afternoon, Wambach issued the following statement.

“In regards to the injury Daniela sustained during our game, the thing I need to convey most is how hard it is for a player who has sustained a significant injury in the past year to now be on the other side of it,” Wambach said. “It’s been crucial for me to find out exactly what injuries Daniela has sustained because of how important I know she is to the Saint Louis franchise. I’ve been in contact with a close friend on the team to stay updated. Unfortunately soccer is a physical game and players do get injured. There was no intent on my side to cause any harm. I wish Daniela nothing but the speediest of recoveries. My thoughts and prayers are with her.”


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    Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    McNeill able to play for Athletica on Saturday 9th May 09

    On Thursday evening, May 7, 2009, the WPS Commissioner suspended two players for one game each. League policy provides that a player shall not play during the period of the appeal process unless the Commissioner, in her discretion, determines otherwise.

    One suspended player’s team (Abby Wambach #20, Washington Freedom) does not have a game scheduled until after the seven-day appeal period, the second player’s team (Kia McNeill #6, Saint Louis Athletica) has a game scheduled for Saturday, May 9.

    The Commissioner has determined that the one-day window between the Thursday-evening decision and the Saturday game is a unique and extenuating circumstance and will make a one-time exception to allow McNeill to play this weekend during the pendency of any appeal, should there be one.

    Neither player has formally appealed to the league. They have until Thursday, May 14.

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    Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Totally agree, lets hope Daniela has a speedy recovery! . Wambach would never have meant to cause another player injury but it is a good punishment to hopefully avoid any recklass challenges in the future for all players.

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    Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    That’s interesting, least they are looking into it and will hopefully learn from it. The ref of that game must not have been strong enough to deal with it and make important decisions.

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