I don’t call it a ‘pitch’, I call it a field. I don’t say ‘nil’, I say ‘zero’. Football is for the knuckle-draggers in the NFL; I like soccer.

However, like many from the roots of their lives; I also have a strong passion for where I grew up, where I lived, what I currently call ‘home’.

Kansas City.

I say this due to the recent investment of time [and eventual capital] into a future Women’s Premier Soccer League [WPSL] team in the ‘City of Fountains’. While I am just like any other future sports investor in the sense of pulling the best of the best into this team, I also stand firm in my belief of keeping business local and community-involved. Because of this, part of the multiple aspect front of this future team is to be able to create a system within Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas that would instill of type of ‘reserve’ system.

To further demonstrate the concept of this, I would like to use Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri as an example. Northwest, like any Midwest college, prides itself on its legendary football [American] program; and they should. With a national title in recent years, three national championship games in less than six years, and other divisional and conference titles to boot; it’s a stellar program.

What makes this team continually athletic advanced? Good coaching? Absolutely. Power players through the United States? Correct. Their local, ‘home grown’ linemen? Yes.

Northwest will be the first to admit that they go throughout the countryside looking for their new quarterback, receivers, and defensive ends, but what many schools miss is the linemen that protect their quarterback, and attack the other teams quarterback.

They’re local.

Northwest goes throughout small towns within northwest Missouri, southeast Nebraska, southwest Iowa, and northeast Kansas and will find these ‘wiry’ linemen that are extremely quick. These individuals will ‘redshirt’ [sit out] their freshmen year while adding weight to their frame. By their sophomore and junior year, they’re close to similar size as many college programs would desire, but at nearly twice the speed.

Furthermore, the attraction that this causes for the college as a whole from local communities is unreal and unheard of at the level and size of this university.

We can learn from this.

Our desire is to create a four team ‘metro league’ within the Kansas City Metroplex. Two teams along the Kansas side of the metro and two teams along the Missouri side. All four of these teams would be ‘low maintenance’ in comparison to the squad desired to compete at the higher level.

To begin; these will not be WPSL programs.

These will be ‘feeder’ teams. Our hopes, with the proper staffing, is to create a pool in which we can reach down and promote players who have earned their stripes to the top tier of the future echelon of women’s soccer within Kansas City. Of course, with connections across the world, if it is permissible, we will sign talent from any international borders.

Kansas City; we play to win.

The four teams will have a shorter season than the WPSL program, and of course will be expected to be at the WPSL games; including possibly being part of the game day staffing.

While, naturally, we’re going to encourage these four to go each other’s throats, like Sporting Kansas City’s goal, we want all five groups to be under our umbrella, and united in the growth of the beautiful game.

Further future development with these teams are currently unknown. Obviously, developing the primary WPSL team is the key. However, as this fresh idea continues to manifest and grow, all angles must be approached.

Four Corners:

In the event that anyone is curious; two teams for Missouri, two teams for Kansas. This also means two teams for north Kansas City [Missouri: North Kansas City/Liberty region; Kansas: Wyandotte region] and two for south Kansas City [Missouri: Lee’s Summit/Independence; Kansas: Overland Park/Olatha]. Please understand that this does not exclude area players that do not reside in the Kansas City area. If these teams, and more importantly the anchor WPSL team is a success; part of our horizontal integration will be to continue to plant small ‘feeder’ teams throughout the region; including Leavenworth, Kansas; St. Joseph, Missouri; and Harrisonville, Missouri.


Due to the low maintenance expectations of these programs; facilities can range from local, recreational park fields [in good condition of course] to local high school fields. These players are here to play with the hopes of moving on.

Final Thought:

While still ‘up-in-the-air’ [like so many other things], there is the discussion of a potential four-team tournament at the end of their season. This is a great time for the WPSL coaching staff to see development within the league, speak to players, and overall have a festive day within the entire program. This event would take place in one location over a full weekend day [Saturday] when schools/colleges are not in session.

We’re going to take our soccer to the four corners of the earth.

  1. A-Hamm 8 years ago

    Both teams saved the best for the last game

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Really interesting read, thanks Shawn 🙂

  3. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you Shawn another great read

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