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Malta BOV Women’s League One 2014/15

After several failed attempts in the 1970s and 80s to create a lasting women’s football competition, successful tournaments of San Gwann and Luxol St. Andrews gained enough interest, that the Malta Football Association decided to organize the first ever league in 1995-96.

Hibernians have won the most league titles so far, Last Season’s (2012) Women’s Super Cup Winners Mosta beat local Champions Birkirkara 4 – 3 on penalties following a goalless draw.

BOV Women’s 1st Division

Hibernians F.C

Birkirkara F.C

Raiders (Luxol) F.C

Mgarr United F.C

Pembroke Athleta F.C

Kirkop United F.C

Hamrun Spartans F.C

Tarxien Rainbows F.C

Swieqi United F.C

Sliema Wanderers F.C

Lija / Iklin



Tuesday 3rd February

Mgarr United 2 – 1 Birkirkara FC
Sliema Wanderers 3 – 2 Hamrun Spartans
Raiders Luxol 2 – 0 Kirkop United
Lija/Iklin 0 – 6 Tarxien Rainbows
Hibernians FC 7 – 0 Pembroke Athleta












Tuesday 10th February

Pembroke Athleta V Mgarr United (14:00)
Sliema Wanderers V Swieqi United (14:00)
Tarxien Rainbows V Hamrun Spartans (14:00)
Kirkop United V Hibernians FC (14:00)
Birkirkara FC V Raiders Luxol (16:15)



Tuesday 17th February

Hamrun Spartans V Swieqi United (20:15)
Mgarr United V Raiders Luxol (20:15)
Kirkop United V Pembroke Athleta (20:15)
Lija/Iklin V Sliema Wanderers (20:15)
Hibernians FC V Birkirkara FC (20:15)



Tuesday 24th February

Tarxien Rainbows V Sliema Wanderers (20:15)
Swieqi United V Lija/Iklin (20:15)
Mgarr United V Hibernians FC (20:15)
Raiders Luxol V Pembroke Athleta (20:15)
Birkirkara FC V Kirkop United (20:15)



Tuesday 14th April

Hibernians FC V Raiders Luxol (20:15)
Lija/Iklin V Hamrun Spartans (20:15)
Mgarr United V Kirkop United (20:15)
Swieqi United V Tarxien Rainbows (20:15)
Pembroke Athleta V Birkirkara FC (20:15)



Monday 20th April

Hamrun Spartans V Sliema Wanderers (20:15)
Tarxien Rainbows V Lija/Iklin (20:15)
Kirkop United V Raiders Luxol (20:15)
Birkirkara FC V Mgarr United (20:15)
Pembroke Athleta V Hibernians FC (20:15)



Monday 27th April

Hibernians FC V Kirkop United (20:15)
Swieqi United V Sliema Wanderers (20:15)
Raiders Luxol V Birkirkara FC (20:15)
Hamrun Spartans V Tarxien Rainbows (20:15)
Mgarr United V Pembroke Athleta (20:15)



Tuesday 5th May


Birkirkara FC V Hibernians FC (20:00)
Sliema Wanderers V Lija/Iklin (20:15)
Pembroke Athleta V Kirkop United (20:15)
Swieqi United V Hamrun Spartans (20:15)
Raiders Luxol V Mgarr United (20:15)


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Record Championship Titles:

Hibernians 9 Titles
Birkirkara 4 Titles
Rabat Ajax 2 Titles
Lija Athletic 1 Titles
Mosta 1 Titles

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