Zvezda-2005 “-” Lion “. After the match.
Patrice Lehr, coach of ZHFK Marseille-Lyon (France): “It was a very good game. Of course, we are unaccustomed to play on artificial field. Nevertheless, I am pleased with how my soccer players spent today’s match.” Zvezda-2005 ” – a very serious contender European level. This is the hostess and shown in today’s match. I would like to particularly note how we met, hospitality of the hosts. thank them for this great gratitude. We, in turn, will try to respond in kind. “

Natalia Zinchenko, the head coach ZHFK Zvezda-2005 “:” In more than we would have these games and rivals in the championship! “Very well received match. We can say with full confidence that this is a real battle a draw. Fairly dedication of players. Has pleased a large number of spectators who came to support us. Thank you fans! “

Nadezhda Baranova, Captain ZHFK Zvezda-2005 “:” I would like to join Natalia Nikolaevna, and to thank the fans who came to support us. As for the game, the main job fell to me in the end of the meeting. In France, it will be difficult, but we are preparing to the return game and will do everything to win it. “

  1. Julia Bic 9 years ago

    The WHL players are between 16-22, so 8 hour drives are not as felt on the body as a 25-30 year old would. I would say at 28- you see a lot of players in their late 20’s on national teams. What do they do past 28 when they quit, I always wondered that as salaries are very low.

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